Resources We Have

In every targeted district we have rented and modestly appropriate furnished office and at Laulara, Purulia, our own spacious registered office, we have a well-equipped training hall which could accommodate 30 Participants. We have Laptops in every district office along with Projector which could be used for training presentation. In every district digital cameras have been placed and could be used for the same purpose along with documentation. MANT has developed—and has the capacity and expertise to develop—various IEC Printed Materials on Water and Sanitation, Reproductive and Child Health and on Early Marriage. These materials or those to be developed in response to situational demand would be utilized extensively to get the desired results. In addition, MANT has an enviable track record in performing arts. It has a Drama Troupe armed with dramas, conceived and developed by itself and framed in an operatic style, on various health and social issues. The troupe moves from place to place in the Charankabi Fashion to cultivate a healthy social pattern. The street plays on RCH (Ekhono Aandhar, Ebar Rajar Pala etc.) have been performed many a time by the Drama Troupe of MANT all over West Bengal, including some of the targeted Blocks of Jangalmahal in presence of various Health Officials. These dramas could be used as the spring board of initial orientation before the project interventions commence. The Programme Managers and Block Health Facilitators are having their own motorcycles to reach the targeted areas at any given point of time.