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Participation is the key feature of Community Media; it is what places community media outside of traditional media models, in which audiences are passive receivers of messages. In the Community Media Model, senders and receivers together create messages and meaning through participatory processes.

A quality community service is one that:

1. Validates and strengthens communities

2. Covers topics that are relevant to the community

3. Encourages community discussion and debate Applying Audio-Visual Communication Strategies.

MANT has always taken participatory approaches in developing high quality contents. A basic foundation for this is creating relevant, believable messages within our productions like Serial Radio Dramas, Magazine Programmes and Publications etc. which are appropriate to the target audience, and which present a social message for change.


Community Radio is gradually recognised as a source of information, promoter of cultural diversity, and as the Voice of the Voiceless. It is an effective instrument and a catalyst that can maintain transparency and accountability in the development efforts of rural and underprivileged segments of society. Equally, it is a service that enables increased communication among local communities on a wide range of issues – from local cultural expressions to improved agricultural, health and human rights issues.


Jangalnama, perhaps, the only weekly publication published in Santhali, the mother tongue of Santhal tribe. With a circulation of around 5000 copies, this publication enjoys a readership of 20,000 plus. The circulation covers areas of Birbhum, Purulia, Bankura and West Midnapore. Soon this publication will be available in Jharkhand also. On 29th January, 2014, the inauguration ceremony of Jangalnama was held at the Debendra Mohan Hall of Jhargram Municipality. More than 500 tribal people along with other attendants were present there from different blocks of Purulia, Bankura and West Midnapore. Considering the growth pattern and coverage the visibility of this publication is on the increase. With the growth of literacy and income, the life style and purchasing power of the targets have increased substantially. There are a lot of ongoing projects to raise the standard of living and living comforts especially in infrastructure. Presently Jangalnama is accompanied by 17 volunteer members besides the Editor and other technical supporting staffs.


‘Pranta Kotha’ Mobile Radio is a wireless communication system, based on Mobile IVR (Interactive Voice Response) mechanism, a venture of MANT, the first ever media-revolutionary approach at proletarian level in West Bengal.‘Pranta Kotha’ started its journey on 29th January, 2014, the 54th Foundation Day of MANT with the basic idea to help in bringing various major issues of grassroots level to mainstream attention and vice-versa as a Mobile Radio platform.‘Pranta Kotha’ would be able to contribute moderately in eliminating the present paucity of information broadcasting system among the marginalized as well as mainstream populations.


MANT has been using the approach of Development Communication at preparation of VIDEOS by engaging and involving all concerned to showcase their way of life, problems and possible solutions thereto and best practices and success stories ofAdivasi Development. The formation of Community Video initiative, as expected, has been providing ample scope to the adivasi community to decide the content of the video, stories to be told and problems or issues to be addressed to represent and empower their own community by their own.

Project Location and Team Member

Kolkata, Purulia

Ms. Jayita Das

Senior Media Manager

Ms. Soumi Ghosh

Graphic Designer

Video Gallery

  • An Insight into The Tribal Livelihood
    • Community Radio and Its Impact on Society
      • A Radio Programme on Early Child Marriage Prevention
        • The Tales of Nityananda Janabani 'A Documentary'